How to Smoke Weed from a Pipe | Tips On Packing & Cleaning

There are various ways you can smoke marijuana. As a cannabis enthusiast, it is quintessential that you learn how to pack and handle a pipe. Among the various cannabis contraptions in the market, the smoking pipe is the most popular. Before using a pipe, you need to learn the fundamental principles on how to use it. Cannabis pipes share the same characteristics to the traditional tobacco pipe. It consists of a bowl that is deep enough to hold the marijuana and an airtight channel that allows air to flow to the mouthpiece. In some cases, pipes can also have a second air channel that influences the airflow delivery of the first channel.

Traditional pipes were made out of ceramics, wood or even bamboos. Today, the most common cannabis pipes are made out of borosilicate glass due to its versatile nature. You can find pipes in various sizes and shapes. They can also vary in complexity and functionality. A majority of these pipes use water as a filter to cool the smoke just before you inhale. If you are new to smoking with a tube, you should look for pipes that resemble a spoon. They are inexpensive and easy to use. Here is an example of a pipe you can use:



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Packing your Bowl



Apart from only a pipe, you need a heating element such as a lighter to help you smoke your pipe. There are numerous types of heating elements made from non-butane that you can choose. However, the most effective heating element ensures that the heating conditions are correct when burning a pipe bowl. A lot of consumers prefer burning their bowls with a wick since it does not give off any undesirable taste. A glass wand can as well give off similar results. However, upon use, it vaporizes the weed and gets rid of the combustion smoke but still maintains a lighter note of cannabinoids and flavor.

You should also consider whether or not to use a screen for your pipe. A screen is a protective barrier that helps to protect you from inhaling small bits from burning cannabis. If you do not get a filter to use, you can use a piece of wire that is twisted into a coil or a small dry rock that measures the same as your pipe bowl. When making a makeshift pipe screen, you should not use aluminum foil or any soda can since it may be coated with materials that are dangerous to breathe in.

Essentials When Preparing Your Cannabis Bowl

You need to properly prepare your pipe bowl to maximize the amount of air that flows into your device to deliver the smoke effectively. The first and most significant step would be to break down the marijuana plant. Chopping it into smaller pieces allows the air to flow freely into the bowl. Still, you should make sure that it is not broken down too finely. Using a best grinder can be the best option.

If you want to prevent particles from passing through the bowl, you can stuff the bottom part with a stem if you do not have a screen. It also helps make the airflow even better. Additionally, you should pack your marijuana in the bowl lightly at the bottom but densely at the top. It helps to keep the top burning while enough airflow gets into the pipe.

Rules to Follow When Smoking Cannabis with a Pipe

If it is your first time to use a pie, there are a few details you need to observe to get the best experience. When smoking in a session with other people, it is crucial that you ensure the bowl you are using is proportionate to the size of your smoking circle. When alone, you can use a pipe with a micro bowl, one that you can consume in one single hit. However, when in a larger group, you should use densely packed party bowls so that each attendee gets to smoke a fresh hint of marijuana.

It is the provider of the cannabis that gets to choose who to light the first cannabis. You should burn only a fraction of the visible cannabis to give everyone a similar experience. Everyone can then get to enjoy the great flavor of marijuana.

You need to keep your pipe clean to smoke cannabis properly. Resins from marijuana build up over time in pipes, making them cloggy. You, therefore, need to perform occasional maintenance of your weed bowl regardless of whether it is of wood, metal, or ceramic.

Summing Up

With the knowledge above, you can now pack and smoke cannabis using a pipe on your own. You should always remember to practice the right etiquette when smoking with other people. More importantly, you should be careful when handling marijuana only to smoke it in a safe and legal location.

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