How to Make Smoke Come Out of your Mouth

How many times have you met someone performing a fantastic smoke blowing trick and you wanted to try it only to fail miserably? People have been blowing smoke from their mouths, creating O’s and other shapes effortlessly long before the introduction of vaping. Before, they would smoke pipes, cigarettes, cigars, and joints to perform the trick. However, with the introduction of vaping, the whole trick game rose to another level. It all started with the age-old method of blowing smoke rings with your mouth. Today, there are numerous tricks that you can pull will a vaper. But why do people prefer vaping when doing these smoking tricks?




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Benefits of Using Vaping to Perform Smoke Tricks

Certain benefits come with vaping that you may not find when smoking a cigarette. The main reason why smoking tricks work so well is that the smoke made by a vaper is thicker than ordinary. It is the reason why you can create whatever shapes you want since the dense vapor will make it possible. However, the whole process is not only about using a vaper. Even with one, you may still find it challenging to execute a trick if you do not know what to do.

A good instance is, if you want to blow clouds from your mouth, you need to know how to inhale the smoke properly by performing a direct lung inhale. The better you get at inhaling vapor straight into your lungs, the more tricks you will be in a position to do. The number of coils can also play an instrumental part in making the method possible. The more the coils, the more the surface area for the vaporization of e-juice.

Professionals prefer using a vaper for tricks since their design and make-up allows them to perform the skills with ease. They prefer using a vaper with low resistance coils that will demand the use of more power to hear them out, creating thick and powerful vapor. Additionally, they contain high-VG e-liquid with about 70 percent VG giving you dense plums of smoke for your tricks. Not only that, most sub-ohm devices come with wide airflow holes that help with the production of big vapor and cooling down the smoke for natural inhaling into the lungs to perform tricks. If you want to perform better tricks with your vape, you should consider investing in a high wattage box mod and using it alongside a dripper or sub-ohm tank. You should also ensure that your e-juice contains the highest levels of VG content and low amounts of nicotine. However, if you are a beginner at performing smoking tricks, we do not recommend the use of a mechanical mod. It is best for use by people with enough knowledge and experience.

If you want to impress your friends, here are some of the most popular and easy smoke releasing tricks that you can master within a short time.

The Top Weed Smoking Tricks



  1. Smoke Rings

It is probably the most famous some trick and the simplest to perform. Still, you need enough practice for perfect execution. The process is simple. Inhale the smoke, allowing it to rest in your mouth. Then, releasing it from the mouth by making ring shapes with your lips. The trick lies in learning how to control your throat and mouth. You need to ensure that when you open your mouth, your throat muscles closes, forcing the smoke out of the mouth. You should not exhale in the process.

  1. The French Inhale

Another famous smoke releasing technique that is also easy to do is the French inhale. The process is simple as it involves creating a circular smoke effect with your nose and mouth. After inhaling smoke, you have to exhale it with your mouth and inhale it back with your nose. The key to accomplishing the trick is first to inhale the smoke deeply and gently exhale it without exerting too much force in the process.

  1. Smoke Tornado

The smoke tornado is not as easy as the first two processes above. It is also not that complex, and with enough practice, you can perform it without breaking a sweat. The process involves exhaling smoke into a carbon tube and letting it collect on a flat surface. Then, in one swift movement, removing the tube and whipping the collected some with your hand while lifting your arm. The whole success lies in collecting thick smoke on top of a flat surface. You, therefore, need to know how to control your breath as you exhale.

  1. Ghost Inhale

The Ghost inhale is complicated than any of the other smoke releasing tricks above. However, it is a visually appealing skill you can perform for your friends and leave them in awe. It involves, exhaling a smoke bubble then inhaling it back into your mouth. The trick requires you to hold the smoke in your mouth and allow it to thicken. Then, you should open your mouth just like a fish does and blow gently for a smoke bubble to form only enough for you to inhale it back in quickly. Timing is critical.

Summing up

There are more tricks that you can try to perform apart from those listed above. However, we hope that by following the guidelines we have laid out, you can quickly learn and impress your friends with the above basic but crowd-pulling tricks. To get the most out of it; you should only use top quality cannabis and a vaper with an e-juice that contains a high percentage of VG. You should also continuously practice. You can get more information on where to find top quality cannabis or the best vape to use by reading through our other articles.

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