How Old Do you Have to Be to Vape?

Vaping was introduced to help adults make a positive step away from cigarettes on their path towards quitting. Unfortunately, what the creators of vaping products did not expect is the type of market that it would subsequently attract. Inquisitive teenagers have been on the buying end of vaping products forcing legislators and government agencies to try and find the best age to enforce restrictions and dampen the use of products intended for adults by teenagers.

The biggest question is, which is the right age for young people to have the ability to make their own decision about the purchase of nicotine products? When should they make their own choices about what to consume and what not to consume?

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Age Restriction in the USA

The fight against minors using vaping products is more pronounced in America than in any other place. In 2016, the FDA implemented a ban on the sale of vapor products to anyone under the age of 18 years. It was after they recognized e-liquids and tobacco-free products as tobacco products giving them the federal jurisdiction over implementing the ban. Before the implementation of the federal law, all states apart from Michigan and Pennsylvania had restrictions set in place. Some had set the minimum age requirement to be 19 while others had it at 21. However, with the passing of the Federal Law, they all have to adhere to 18 as the minimum age requirement. 


Even so, there are organizations such as the Tobacco21 that aim to increase the legal age requirement to 21 years across America. Their efforts are a contributing factor to the banning of smoking and vaping in hundreds of cities and municipalities to anyone below 21 years. Apart from the legal age restrictions, various states also impose cumbersome tax laws on the sale of vapes, and any related tobacco products. You can find such laws in Louisiana, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, among others. Other states prohibit the sale of vaping products from vending machines and self-service displays. In other states, you may get in trouble if you are found using vaping products in public spaces such as restaurants and bars.

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But why are there such substantial impositions on the use of vaping products? 

Vapes and electric cigarettes contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. The amount in only one Pod is said to be close to a similar amount in 20 cigarettes. Considering the rampant use of vape by teenagers, numerous parents and doctors became concerned with the effects the vape had on children. The JUUL panic in 2018 became a motivator for intensified efforts to barn the same of vape products to minors. The commissioner took action and placed a ban on the sale of vape flavors that encouraged teenagers to make a purchase.

While vapes were created to help solve the problem of smoking, it is more like a double-edged sword. Studies show that a high number of teenagers who smoke e-cigarettes end up smoking tobacco cigarettes within six months of use, destroying the purpose of its making. Not only that, there is no conclusive study that shows the long term effects of using vaping products. However, some findings indicate that the use of vaping has bad effects on the lungs and heart.

Teenagers are also a risk of suffering from second-hand effects that can arise from the aerosols that are in the vapors and electric cigarettes. With the medical fears surrounding the use of vaping products, it is highly likely that the push to ban then use will not subside any time soon.

Age Restriction in Other Countries. 

Apart from the USA, some countries are even stricter on the sale and use of vaping products. Others do not have any regulation controlling the usage. A good example of countries where vaping is banned completely include Argentina, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Seychelles, Brazil, Taiwan, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Countries like Australia and the UK have an age requirement of 18 years.

China is the birth mother of vaping. However, they are very strict on the use with the minimum age requirement being 18 years and with additional specific regulations in different regions. Belgium is the only country where they have a lower age requirement of 16 years.

Summing up 

Every single country has its own rules and regulation to follow. The same way, they also have their set age for which they identify a young person as an adult. It is for this reason that the set age for using vape products is different globally. However, you should be very health conscious and use vape products appropriately. Also, if you plan on traveling to another state or country, it is best for you first to research their laws regarding vaping to avoid getting into any problems. Contact us to learn more about vaping and vaping products.

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