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If you talk to cannabis growers you will realize that majority of them have one common problem. One or the other has at one time bought poor quality seeds either from another grower or from a low rated seed bank. Buying low quality seeds is frustrating because it leads to poor quality yields and unhealthy looking crops.

Some of the seed banks in the market claim to have the best quality seeds but once you buy from them online, it is hard to share any communication because all they want is your money and have very little or no customer care service. It is very important to buy only feminized seeds but not every seed bank will provide you with what you want.

It is for this reason that we reviewed some of the Best Seed Banks for Feminized Seeds in the market with an explanation of why you can trust them for quality seeds.

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Our top list of the best seed bank for feminized seeds

Quebec cannabis seeds (QCS)

Opened in 2013, Quebec Seed Bank breeds quality and feminised seeds that are popular with marijuana growers worldwide.  QCS offers seeds that can survive any kind of weather so irrespective how harsh the climate of your place is, you can trust these seedlings to survive.

The bank also has a wide selection of strains and they only choose the best with consistent CBD and THC levels. Before the seed bank posts any of their strains online, they make sure that that the cannabis seeds go through thorough testing but you have to confirm the customs regulations of shipping cannabis before ordering with the seed bank.



Why you should buy feminized seeds from Quebec Seed Bank

  • One of the most trusted seed banks in the world
  • Quality feminized and auto flowering strains
  • Wide selection of top genetic strains
  • Ships worldwide
  • Discreet packaging
  • Accepts various methods of payment that include credit cards, cash, money transfers and bitcoin
  • Fast, safe and secure deliveries


  • Seeds are more expensive than those from other seed banks, but this is due to the high quality of the seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana

Founded in 1993, I love Growing Marijuana is a popular seed bank with many marijuana growers from all over the world. The seed bank based in Amsterdam Netherlands may not have the largest collection of weed strains as compared to Seedsman but it is definitely one of the seed banks with the most quality-feminized seeds. The other advantage it has is that a veteran grower by the name Robert Bergman runs the seed bank.

This means that you get service from a person that truly understands marijuana. The seed bank offers free shipping to Western European, Canadian orders and US and delivery takes anything between ten to fifteen days. The bank also guarantees safe and secure delivery and they will reship free of charge if the order is late or the customs officials seize it.

If you grow your feminized seeds and they do not germinate, feel free to call ilgm for replacement ad they will do it. The seed bank also has one of the easiest to use websites that you can view in English, Spanish, Dutch or French. The site also has an active forum where you find all the helpful topics and answers to your questions especially if you are a beginner.



Why you should buy feminized seeds from I love Growing Marijuana

  • High quality feminized seeds
  • A limited but quality selection from about eighty strains
  • Free shipping to Canada, Western Europe and USA
  • Discreet packaging
  • Guaranteed delivery and free reshipping
  • Has a VIP program that offers discounts, access to special strain and other amazing rewards
  • Has selected grow packs and seeds specially packed for beginners
  • Accepts untraceable and anonymous bitcoin payment and other methods of payments
  • Offers video reviews on different strains
  • Easy to use website in English, French, Dutch and Spanish
  • Offers a forum where you can communicate with other growers


  • There is an extra fee if you want tracking on your shipment
  • Does not have a wide selection of strains


Based in Barcelona Spain, Seedsman is one of the most trusted seed banks for marijuana growers. Founded in 2003, the seed bank ships cannabis seeds worldwide and has one of the largest selections of strains. The bank is also a favorite with many growers because of the seeds quality, the low prices, which are some of the best in the world and their amazing discounts and promotions.

Seedsman also prides itself to preserving genetic lineages of the marijuana crops and they are passionate about many states legalizing the use and growth of the product. The seed bank has strains from over 120 breeders, which makes it one of the tip seed banks in the world.



Why you should buy feminized seeds from Seedsman

  • High quality feminized and autoflowering seeds
  • Has a wide selection of strains and seeds
  • Offers very affordable prices
  • Ships worldwide including to states in USA and Canada
  • Fast and secure shipping
  • Have specially selected sees for medicinal purposes and for beginners
  • Reships seeds taken a customs at no extra costs
  • Offers untraceable paying options via bitcoin
  • Offers different payment methods such as credit cards, money transfers, and cash
  • Offers amazing promotions, discounts and a great loyalty program


  • Though the quality of the seeds is great, the seed bank only ships with a guarantee of extra insurance
  • They ship seed to countries that legalize the germination of marijuana

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is one of the newest seed banks in Toronto Canada. The bank prides itself with having a large selection of different strains that come with favorable discounts and promotions. The bank also offers very fast shipping for orders in Canada and the USA.

It also ships the orders to other parts of the world depending on the regulations of cannabis growing in the said states. TNSB also has a very polarized customer feedback that is at hand to answer your questions and take your orders through out. Some of the most popular feminized strains you get from TNSB are Afghan Kush, Gorilla Glue, White Widow, Acapulco Gold and many others.



Why you should buy feminized seeds from True North Seed Bank

  • You get a great selection of fresh feminized or auto flowering cannabis seeds
  • A variety of top strains
  • With every order, you get free seeds
  • Ships their seeds worldwide
  • Fast and secure shipping
  • Have over 50 breeders
  • Offers discounts and promotions
  • Subscribers get exclusive deals
  • Efficient and quality customer care services
  • Offers convenient payment methods
  • You can order online, by phone or via mail

Sensi Seeds

If you want to avoid buying cannabis seeds from dubious seed banks, it is always good to choose a seed bank with a household name. Sensi Seed Bank based in Amsterdam Netherlands is one of the best seed banks in the world and has a record of cannabis culture that dates back to over 50 years. You will not only be buying into a name but you will also be buying the most quality-feminized seeds you can ever find.

The founder Ben Dronkers is also a one of the top marijuana growers in Amsterdam. The seed bank has won several awards over the years and it boasts some of the most internationally famous strains such as Jack Herer, compared to strains from other seed banks, you will dig deeper into your pocket if you want a share of Sensi Seeds. This is all understandable because you pay for quality that you will not find elsewhere.


Why you should buy feminized seeds from Sensi seeds

  • Offers the best quality feminized seeds in the market
  • 100% of Sensi seeds may even germinate in the packs
  • Offers strains with stable genetics
  • One of the longest running seed banks
  • Has an easy to use website with strain search tool
  • Offers discrete packaging
  • Besides marijuana seeds, they also sell hemp foods and CBD products which you can get through the website
  • Accepts different payment methods that include credit cards, bank transfer and cash
  • You can view the website I nine different languages


  • Does not ship directly to USA
  • Costly packs

Wrapping it up

Before choosing a seed bank, you should go through the customer reviews first to ensure that you are buying from the most appropriate supplier. The above seed banks all have great positive reviews from users all across the globe and we are certain that you will not go wrong with seeds from any of them. Good quality seed ensures that you get good quality and healthy crop-s that will give you great yields.

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